Avid | Illuminate On Demand

Auto-QC your video content

Verify captions, languages, and video descriptions instantly

Minimize the time, money, and stress of verifying closed captioning, subtitles, languages, and video descriptions across your entire media library. Avid | Illuminate On Demand is a new service and cloud-enabled version of Avid | Illuminate, enabling you to access the same quality control APIs as the desktop suite to validate and correct content automatically—with the added convenience of paying only for the services you use.

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  • Speed up your quality control workflow

    With its automated QC and language identification services, Illuminate On Demand makes it easy to verify and correct content across any size media library—on premises or in the cloud.

  • Achieve better content accuracy

    Whether authoring captions or preparing content for online, OTT, or multi-language distribution, Illuminate eases the burden of quality control to ensure the best viewer experience possible.

  • Save countless hours on caption QC

    Illuminate On Demand can auto-QC and realign closed captioning, replacing the time-consuming, expensive, and often human error-prone process. Verify if it’s accurate. Fix it when it’s not.

  • Verify languages and video descriptions

    Using patented phonetic technology, Illuminate On Demand can also verify whether a specified language matches its audio track and that video descriptions are present where intended.

  • Ensure content meets FCC regulations

    The API integrates with leading broadcast compliance solutions, providing complete and accurate analysis and reporting, so you can ensure content complies with the latest standards.

  • Automatically adjust caption timing errors

    Illuminate On Demand can also automatically retime captions that are out of sync due to live captioning or framerate conversion issues—ideal for reuse in IP and rebroadcast cases.

  • QC content across multiple languages

    Get auto-identification support for 15 languages—plus 25 languages for caption verification and alignment—including French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Farsi, Russian, Japanese, and Hindi.

    See all supported languages

  • Scale production while minimizing costs

    Because you can spin up or spin down Illuminate On Demand whenever you need it, you pay only for what you use, putting an end to worrying about underutilizing capital investments.

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