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Get your music on Apple Music, Spotify, TikTok, TIDAL, Amazon Music, and dozens of other popular streaming outlets  around the world. AvidPlay makes music distribution easy, enabling you to share your music, get discovered, grow your fanbase, and keep 100% of your rights and earnings.



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I highly recommend this to anyone that has been twiddling their thumbs
on a release. Sign up and get it out so we can all hear your music!


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Get heard around the world

Release your music and reach new audiences worldwide. Simply choose the tracks and albums you’d like to share, and AvidPlay takes care of the rest—from file distribution, to tracking song performance and payments.


Pocket 100% of earnings

AvidPlay keeps track of all your music sales and streams for you and pays out 100% of all earnings. It’ll even share earnings among bandmates and contributors automatically, so you can spend more time doing what you do best—making music.

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Market your release

Quickly get your fans listening to your music on their favorite streaming service with custom QR codes. Easily add your code to business cards or fliers to promote yourself.

Distribute music to multiple outlets

Choose the streaming services you prefer—Apple Music, Spotify, and more—or select them all, with the ability to auto-distribute to outlets added in the future. You’re in control of your release schedule.

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Track song plays and sales

View how many plays and downloads your songs and albums are getting—and where they’re coming from—through visual graphs, giving you great insight into how well your music is performing.

Grow your fanbase

Promote your music without having to choose where to send fans. AvidPlay enables you to share links on social media that let listeners play your songs on their preferred streaming service.

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Easily share earnings with others

No need to calculate and split pay among bandmates or collaborators. Set the percentage each contributor should get, and AvidPlay will automatically split your earnings as dictated.

Stay connected wherever you go

AvidPlay is integrated in Avid Link’s mobile and desktop app, so you can access it anywhere, plus leverage Avid Link to connect with collaborators and share your latest release in the Lounges.

Get unique IDs for releases at no cost

Eliminate the need to purchase UPC/EAN or ISRC codes to track your sales and streaming performance. AvidPlay provides a free UPC or ISRC code for every track or album you share.


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Distribute your music with AvidPlay—get started with a step-by-step walkthrough


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Get heard—find out how to pitch your music to Spotify playlist curators


With several affordable plans to choose from—starting at just $4.99 USD/year—there’s no better time than now to get your music out there and be heard (view the AvidPlay FAQ).

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1. Download Avid Link (if you haven’t already).

2. Purchase an AvidPlay plan in the Avid Link app or here.

3. Choose the music you want to release, when, and on which streaming services *.

4. Sit back and let AvidPlay take care of the rest, including code generation, file distribution, performance tracking, and payment**.

* All songs/albums you share will remain live on all of the streaming services you select as long as your service is active.
** Earnings are paid through PayPal for the number of downloads and plays your tracks and albums accrue each month.

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