MediaCentral | Editorial Management


Remote collaboration made easy

Built for post-production teams that need to find footage fast, collaborate easily, and create stories quickly, MediaCentral | Editorial Management delivers powerful yet simple workflow and media management. Completely integrated with Avid NEXIS storage and Media Composer, Editorial Management enables teams to search for media phonetically, edit video, pull selects, create stringouts, and review projects from anywhere, using just a web browser.

Product highlights

  • Simplify your workflow
  • Collaborate more effectively
  • Find media fast
  • Jumpstart story creation
  • Editorial Management tightly integrates tools and teams together, bridging and accelerating post workflows built on Avid NEXIS and Media Composer—without changing how you work. It operates as a fully integrated panel within Media Composer for finding content quickly across multiple projects, or as an independent web browser interface, enabling remote story editors, producers, and assistants to quickly find, preview, and access any project or asset in your Avid NEXIS storage.
  • Whether team members are in the editing facility, on location, or working remotely, Editorial Management enables everyone to share projects and media and stay in sync. It streamlines workflow complexity, enabling production team members to prep content, group multicamera footage, and collaborate more efficiently with editors. For producers and showrunners, it makes the review process easy and convenient for faster project turnaround.
  • Newly captured footage, a work in progress, archived projects—if the content you seek resides in your Avid NEXIS storage, on premises or at another facility, Editorial Management makes it easy to find it fast. Even better, with new phonetic search capabilities available as an option, you can find all clips that contain the speech you seek in seconds, saving hours—or even days—of search time.
  • For unscripted projects that operate on high shooting ratios, Editorial Management eases the burden and stress of sorting through massive volumes of media. Its simple web interface lets you quickly find, review, and mark clips based on the dialogue they contain, pull selects, and create stringouts to storyboard the narrative—all within a web browser—so your team can focus on finding compelling story angles and creating a better show.

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