With fast and secure cloud video editing

Avid | Edit On Demand provides a full virtual post-production environment in the cloud—complete with cloud-optimized Media Composer software and Avid NEXIS storage—making it easy to scale teams and ramp up new projects at a moment’s notice. With a simple subscription, team members can work and collaborate from anywhere in a fully configured secure environment. Without any overages or hidden fees. And without spending time and money on expensive production hardware, administrative overhead, integration testing, and equipment rental.

Enable on-prem and remote collaboration

Onboard a new team, expand an existing one, or enable remote training. With a laptop or mobile device, editors can connect to Media Composer and an Avid NEXIS workspace in the cloud from anywhere, making it easy to bring in top talent.

Experience seamless 4K performance

Work with proxy or high-res content remotely, as if you were working in-house. With Teradici’s PCoIP Ultra powering the virtual desktop, you get a seamless and more secure workflow—even when editing 4K/UHD media in the cloud.

Manage Avid NEXIS workspaces easily

No need to learn a new interface. Create and manage workspaces, organize media, and control which users have access to each workspace all right from within Edit On Demand using the familiar Avid NEXIS administrative interface.

Share and store media securely

With Avid NEXIS cloud storage included, you get proven data protection. Give editors and other contributors shared access to content, with the ability to restrict access to further safeguard media from unauthorized use or export.

Transfer files quickly and securely

With secure and reliable FileCatalyst file transfer included, you get high-speed encrypted media upload and download to and from your Avid NEXIS cloud storage, increasing production efficiency, so you can deliver projects on time.

Have peace of mind

All media, tools, and data are protected in the cloud, safeguarding your production from unauthorized access and cyber threats. Plus, your subscription includes Avid Support to keep your systems and production running smoothly.

Set up a cloud editing environment quickly

With automated deployment, you can ramp up a fully provisioned editing suite in hours—not days. Flexibly configure storage and seats according to your schedule requirements, with fast burst capacity to handle production surges.

Scale easily with simple pricing and billing

Ramp up short- or long-term projects with a weekly or monthly subscription. Add up to 30 seats of Media Composer and up to 200 TB of Avid NEXIS storage and pay only for what you need. No overages. No hidden fees. No nonsense.

Gain better business efficiency

Monitor usage in the dashboard to make more informed decisions about your needs and prevent over-utilization of your resources. Because it doesn’t require a huge upfront investment, it’s an easy fit for production schedule budgets.

“As far as the Avid | Edit On Demand interface goes, it’s almost identical to working on-premises. Users can barely see the difference between their local Media Composer app or one running virtually. It’s that good.”

–Chris Bové, Senior Editor, Always Editing (PBS)
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