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Make the most of your media

Find assets fast, streamline media operations, and enable new revenue opportunities with this powerful, highly scalable, and fully customizable asset management module for MediaCentral. Designed for demanding broadcast, news, sports, and post-production environments, MediaCentral | Asset Management manages the entire lifecycle of your content, making it easy to browse and retrieve media across multiple tiers of storage for reuse or repurposing.

Product Highlights

  • Access assets anytime, anywhere
  • Consolidate and manage your media
  • Save time and money
  • Gain business intelligence and new revenue opportunities
  • Search for and find the media you need fast, right in MediaCentral. Working in conjunction with the powerful MediaCentral | Search app, MediaCentral | Asset Management makes all production and archived assets—stored across multiple local and remote systems—accessible to every in-house and remote contributor. It also integrates with Maestro graphics solutions, enabling graphics teams to find and access any MediaCentral-managed content.

  • MediaCentral | Asset Management is fully customizable to meet your specific needs, whether you’re a global broadcaster, news organization, post-production facility, government agency, or educational institution—large or small. Automate and manage media ingest, file import, transcoding, quality control, and other complex processes through MediaCentral apps and services. And get customizable metadata flexibility to ensure that each database is optimized for ideal use.

  • With MediaCentral | Asset Management, you get a fully unified system for storing and managing media. It automates and manages complex media tasks, so you and your teams gain more time to spend on creative activities. Not only can you cut costs and improve your media quality, you can quickly realize and repurpose archived assets for new revenue-making opportunities.

  • Get a host of monitoring, analytics, and reporting capabilities at your fingertips. MediaCentral | Asset Management gives you considerable insight into your media operations and workflows, so you can make more informed decisions about resources, services, and improving your business. What’s more, new revenue streams can be realized quickly, as it makes it easy to find and determine which valuable assets to reuse or repurpose.

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