Avid VENUE | On-Stage

VENUE Onstage personal monitor mixer app in use on tablet

Control monitor mixes on stage remotely

Wish you could step away from your Avid VENUE system and fine-tune individual monitor mixes while walking around on stage? You can with the new VENUE | On-Stage iOS app, which enables you to wirelessly access and control your VENUE | S6L or S3L-X system's Aux send levels, Aux pans, and Aux master levels remotely through its VENUE-style interface. You can even let performers control their own personal monitor mixes using their own mobile devices. Best of all—it's free!


Main faders within Avid VENUE Onstage personal monitor mixer application
  • Fine-tune mixes from anywhere
  • Enable performers to control their own mix
  • Get the VENUE experience on your iPhone or iPad
  • VENUE | On-Stage enables you to literally walk in the path of your performers and hear exactly what they’re hearing at every section of the stage. Not only does this give you better insight into how your adjustments are impacting each monitor mix, it fosters better communication between you and the performers as you work right alongside with them.

  • Forget having to fuss with third-party personal monitoring systems. Or worse—the wrath of an artist who isn’t hearing what he or she needs in their monitors at any given moment. Now any performer with an iOS device can download the VENUE | On-Stage app for free and easily take control of their own mix feeding into their wedges or in-ear monitors.

  • Enjoy the feel of mixing on a VENUE system on any iOS 10- or 11-compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The VENUE | On-Stage app interface features a similar look and functionality to VENUE software, so you’ll feel right at home, no matter what device you use.

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